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Spring 2018

April 19th, 2018

Ice out looks late for spring 2018!

A long cold winter and (so far) long cold spring have us wondering when the ice will leave Lake of the Woods and Crow(Kakagi) Lake. By the look of current ice conditions and local weather forecasts it will be into the middle of May and a very late ice out. Keep in touch with us for “breaking” news!



Cabin #6 and #8 Makeover

Our two units by the beach now both have a great new look with lots of knotty pine features, new kitchens and bathrooms. Each unit is 2 bedrooms that handle 4 adults or they can be used as one large cottage with two of everything for the larger groups. With the beach, Large lawn and fire pit right next to the units they are a great option for two small groups that would like to be close together or for the whole family!