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Spring 2019

May 26th, 2019

Happy New Year to our guests from near and far. We hope you and your families have a great 2019. This message is slightly delayed as Randy & Maureen have traded houses with Steve & Lauren. The move happened mid-November and that coupled with Christmas festivities and having to buy a new computer find us a bit behind schedule.
Steve & Lauren will be manning the office and dealing with inquiries and reservations. Maureen continues to work as treasurer for our municipality and will help Lauren as needed. Randy will continue to be between the resort, construction projects and helping Steve guide our fishermen and hunters for the foreseeable future.

Maureen & Randy’s move didn’t take them far, about a block but right on the water and a great place to be to enjoy the growing family. Sawyer (Steve & Lauren’s little boy) is now 22 months and a very busy boy. Paige (Kiley & Derek’s little girl) is 7 months old and a very active and happy little gal. Lauren is due mid February to have their second child so she and Steve are counting the days (Grandma & Grandpa are too!). Marty was home at Christmas time and enjoyed re-acquainting himself with Sawyer and Paige. They had a good time with “Unca Marty”.

As of last summer all of our cottages have now had a major renovation and facelift. New kitchens, baths, decks and amenities have made Hideaway Lodge one of the nicest places to stay in our region. On tap this year is the beach area, swimming dock and maybe a gazebo. Satellite TV, free wi-fi and good cell service add to the package.

Whether you want to ice fish and snowmobile, open water fish for walleye, muskie, bass, northern, trout, perch and crappie, or relax on the beach or do a kayak trip, we can help your group enjoy it to the fullest. Our private landing on Stevens Bay just 10 minutes away is a great option to access Lake of the Woods. Whitefish Bay is just 15 minutes away and portage/fly-in lakes are great trips too.

Adjacent to our Hideaway Lodge cottages, Raven’s Roost is a five unit, small, quiet cottage condominium development. Three existing units are sold and two new units (one now under construction) are still available. These units are not only a great place to get away but also have great potential as an investment rental property. Talk to Randy for details.

Many years ago, in the days of print and handwritten letters, Kendall Hanson titled his Christmas/New Year’s letter “The Ripple”. I wondered about the title until my Grandmother Ellen explained that when you throw a stone in the water you not only get the initial splash, but the ripple of waves that keep on going beyond what we may see. In our small family business this “ripple” is profound and many of our customers become close friends who we look forward to seeing each year. Sadly, a bit over a year ago we lost one of those fine southern gentlemen who made up much of Kendall’s early business. Calvin Marcus from Louisville, KY spent close to 50 years travelling to Kakagi/Crow Lake for a fall fishing/hunting trip. Four generations of the Hanson family were privileged to spend time with Calvin and recently two more generations of his family, so the ripple keeps expanding. While they just don’t make them like Calvin anymore, every October we will be thinking of him.

Send us your best photos of a recent trip to the Lodge (or your dog, kids, new boats/snowmobile, musky rod) and we will enter you in our draw (twice yearly) to win 2 nights for 2 people at Hideaway Lodge.